Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It’s NOT All About Me?

Do you think it’s possible to think of the judgment as a positive thing?

Good question!  When I was growing up, “the judgment” was not portrayed in a very positive light.  In fact, it was usually explained very, very negatively – as a truly scary prospect, in fact!  So, is the judgment something good or bad?

We tend to think of the judgment as being about us:  God looking down on us, making tally marks in a big ledger, waiting for us to mess up so He can zap us for our sin.  But that isn’t true…that’s just one of Satan’s lies.  That lie is so prevalent though that I believe I hear it, in some for or another, almost every day in some off-hand comment from a co-worker or from TV. 

Remember, though, that we aren’t alone.  The universe is peopled with other created beings who are watching each and every move in this eternal chess game between God and Satan.   But why are they interested?  Why do they care what happens on this little speck of dust in the galaxy?  Are they looking to see which one of us can work hard enough to get to heaven?  Are these other beings watching to make sure we all get what’s coming to us for screwing up the balance of the universe?  I don’t think so…      

The beings of the universe aren’t watching us to make sure that we get credit or punishment for every little thing we’ve done or not done.

The universe is watching God.

Ever since Lucifer got uppity and decided that anything God could do, he could do better (or at least as well), he’s been telling anyone who would listen that God is a mean, arbitrary, uncaring god with nothing better to do than make sure nobody has any fun.  Satan has been lying to people on the earth for seven thousand years…unfortunately a lot of people have been believing him for that same amount of time.  And we know from experience that it is so much easier to believe a lie than to believe the truth.  I think part of the reason is that we hear the lies sooooo much more often!  I think that’s Satan’s main marketing ploy.  “Head On; Apply directly to the forehead.”  Repetition is powerful!

So all the while Satan has been telling lies about God, what has God been doing?  Have you ever been caught between two people who are trying to convince you that they are telling the truth?  You’ve got the eye rolling, the outraged facial expressions and then you’ve got both people talking louder and louder trying to out-talk each other.  Just imagine Judge Judy or Judge Mathis or some other daytime courtroom show.   All that yelling!  YIKES!!

Well, thankfully, God does NOT play that game!  Ever since the lies started, God has been quietly, lovingly, and persistently demonstrating the Truth to all the beings of the universe.

Yes, the universe is watching earth, but not to see us.  Everyone is watching God…and, dare we say it…judging God’s final dealings with Satan and his lies.  We are the tools by which God will finally show that He is completely loving and completely just; that He has given everyone a chance to love and follow Him.  He hasn’t scared or threatened anyone into serving Him.  He’s continued to love us so much that He gave His own Son so that we could spend eternity with Him.

No it’s not all about me…THANK GOD! (literally)

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