Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Warrior Spirit

Do you know anyone who could be described as a warrior?  Would you know a warrior if you met one?  How would you describe a warrior?

This is how the dictionary defines a warrior:  “person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.” warrior. (n.d.). Unabridged (v 1.1). Retrieved July 09, 2008, from website:  What do you think?  Does that sound about right to you?  Does that mean that every person who is a soldier is automatically a warrior?  Does it mean that everyone who is a warrior is automatically a soldier?   Hmmmm…

What would you think if I told you I believe that a person doesn’t even have to be part of an army or a war to be considered a warrior, doesn’t have to hold or use a weapon? Can you picture anybody who could be a warrior then?

What about John the Baptist?  Wait, don’t laugh yet; think about it.  John the Baptist…no he never wielded a sword, but he fought everyday of his adult life to get people ready to meet the Messiah.  John knew his mission and he met it head on.  He didn’t stop to think about whether or not people would like what he had to say.  He didn’t worry that he wasn’t dressed in the latest fashions.  He called the Pharisees and the Sadducees who came to check him out a “pit of vipers”.  He told Herod exactly what he (Herod) was up to and that it was wrong and that he needed to stop it.  John didn’t stop to think of a polite way to say what he needed to say; he just said it flat out and let the people who heard him make their own decisions of what to do next.  If they agreed with him great; if not, too bad.  But this was the message he had been given and he went with it.
“But when the Baptist saw the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he was stirred to give them a decided message. These men held themselves as a power among the people. Though they held different theories regarding some Bible subjects they were united in their desire to hear the words of the wilderness prophet. Some who came from curiosity, arrested by his words, became interested in the message he was giving, and were moved to be baptized. To them John said, "Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance." Christ was about to appear as the revealer of the character of God. His very presence would make known to men their sin. Only as they were willing to be purged from sin, could they enter into fellowship with him. Those who were corrupt in heart could not abide in his presence.” E.G.White, Review and Herald, November 28, 1907
Can you imagine what the news media would have had to say about John the Baptist?  It would certainly not have been sympathetic.  But John didn’t pay any attention to what was being reported about him.  He stayed right on topic and never wavered.

And then Jesus showed up and, would you believe it, John’s disciples and followers took off after Jesus, for the most part.  And John was okay with that.  He had led the way the whole time and then he got left behind and thrown in prison.  What kind of thank you is that?

I would venture the opinion that John the Baptist was a warrior spirit.  He fought his battle everyday and never worried about public opinion and making people comfortable.  He fought to make sure that everyone who could possible hear his voice would know that the Messiah was coming and each person needed to be ready.

We’ve got to be warrior spirits too.  We have a mission—to tell people that Jesus is coming again and they need to be ready.  We can’t worry about what people think of us or if we make them uncomfortable; we have a message that must be delivered!
“The work of John the Baptist represents the work for these times. His work, and the work of those who go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah to arouse the people from their apathy, are the same in many respects. Christ is to come the second time to judge the world in righteousness. The messengers of God who bear the last message of warning to be given to the world are to prepare the way for Christ's second advent as John prepared the way for his first advent. If the kingdom of heaven suffered violence in the days of John, it suffers violence now; today the blessings of the gospel must be secured in the same way. If form and ceremony were of no avail then, a form of godliness without the power can be of no avail now.”  E.G.White, Youth’s Instructor, May 17, 1900
Well?  We have a mission; let’s get on it!

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  1. Amen, sister. A call to action is completely appropriate. Let the word go out.

    To God alone be the Glory.

    This begins the last days of the last days. Join me on my knees and pray for God's vision for our service to him as we take up Christ's mission to seek and save the lost. He needs prayer warriors, agents of hope, healers of body and soul, bible study givers... whatever disposition and talent God gave us is what He needs.

    Let's get on it, indeed!

    Grace and Peace.